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“A teacher affects eternity; they can never tell where their influence stops”Henry Brooks Adams


The Teaching and Learning Faculty at Ingleburn High School is committed to refining and expanding key evidence-based initiatives to develop collaborative practice to inform and support high expectations and provide opportunities for growth, attainment, and achievement for the school community.

The Teaching and Learning Faculty ensure all staff engage in the delivery and implementation of high impact professional learning that promotes a culture of collective efficacy. The faculty embed a culture of effective teaching and learning to enable growth and facilitate excellence in learning through sustained, intensive, and focused literacy, numeracy, and metacognitive strategies in addition to ensuring a diversity of culture and that community are valued, acknowledged and celebrated through high aspirations and connections. 



  • To provide the opportunity for all students to demonstrate growth in their learning through explicit, consistent, collaborative, and evidence-based teaching and learning.
  • To reflect upon teaching practice using evidence informed decisions about teaching and learning and refine pedagogy through quality targeted professional learning
  • To facilitate and create high challenging and high supportive environments that celebrate diversity of culture and community ultimately allowing all members of the school community to connect, thrive and succeed.
  • To enhance student engagement, motivation and learning outcomes through regular and ongoing planning, monitoring and evaluation of whole school approaches to effective teaching and learning practices. 

 Courses Offered

Stage 4: (Year 7 & 8) 

    •   SEL 

    •   Guided reading group 

    •   Handwriting Group 

    •   Literacy intervention 

    •   Numeracy Intervention 

Stage 5: (Year 9 & 10) 

    •   HSC Minium Standards – Catch Up for Learning  

    •   Literacy intervention 

    •   Numeracy Intervention 

Stage 6: (Year 11 & 12) 

    •   Study Skills 


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