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Learning Support


“We learn from failure, not from success!" - Abraham Stoker


The Learning and Support faculty provide a variety of educational support to ensure all students at Ingleburn High School have equal access to education. Our team provide one on one and small group tuition for students requiring additional help. We also assist other faculties within the school through the differentiation of their assessments tasks and the modification of lessons in order for every student to achieve.

Our faculty also runs various testing throughout the school, including NAPLAN, Check-in Assessments and HSC Minimum Standards testing. This valuable data is used to assist teachers to plan suitable and effective learning and teaching programs for all students. 


Our goal is for every student at Ingleburn High to have access to the curriculum and to demonstrate growth in their learning.

 Programs Offered

    •    CARS Program (Comprehension Assessment Reading Strategies) - Year 7

    •    MacqLit Program for struggling readers - Years 7 to 9

    •    Catch Up for Learning Program (Literacy and Numeracy) - Year 10

    •    QuickSmart Program for students struggling with Numeracy - Year 7

    •    Writing for Success Program - Years 9 & 10


    Ms Athena Belegris - Head Teacher

    Ms M. Wright

    Ms C. Hartly

    Ms T. Cale

    Ms D. Agamemnonos

    Ms N. Markovski

    Ms L. Morabito

    Ms J. Lee

    Ms H. Ramantanis