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Year 12 Trial Examination Timetable and Rules

Examination/In class Assessment Rules - Instructions for Students 


·         It is the student’s responsibility to read the examination timetable thoroughly. Misreading an examination timetable is not grounds for appeal.

·         Students must assemble on the Administration Office side of the school hall (Asphalt) at least FIFTEEN (15) minutes before the scheduled commencement of the examination. Students will then be instructed on where they will be sitting, expectations and where bags will be placed.

·         Students are to only attend school on the days of their allocated examinations.

·         Students are not permitted to enter the examination after examination commencement for any reason. Students arriving late should report immediately to the Front Office and follow school procedure. Student lateness will be recorded and forwarded onto the relevant Head Teacher.

·         Students are not permitted to leave the examination until the allocated examination time has elapsed in full and the Supervisors dismiss the candidates e.g. If an examination is scheduled to run for 1 hour 40 minutes students must stay for the full 1 hour 40 minute duration.

·         Students are expected to wear full school uniform to all examinations.

·         Students are not to communicate with other students in any manner i.e. verbally and non verbally.

·         Students must bring all equipment/materials for the examination in good working order.

·         All items (pens, pencils, rulers, calculators, etc) brought into the Examination area are to be contained in a clear plastic sleeve, to be easily checked to avoid any suspicion of cheating.

·         Answer booklets are provided. Students must not bring their own answer paper.

·         Only clear liquid (bottled water) is permitted in a firm, clear plastic bottle.

·         Mobile phones/smart watches must be switched OFF and left in bags. If a mobile phone causes a disruption it will be treated very seriously and may result in penalties to the owner.

·         Out of respect for your fellow students, all movement in the Hall (e.g. going to the toilet, closing doors, adjusting your seat, coughing etc.) should be as quiet and respectful as possible. Please lift chairs rather than sliding, lift feet rather than plodding/shuffling, muffle coughs and yawns and wear suitable shoes.

·         If there is a question or problem, students must raise their hand silently and wait for a supervisor to attend them. Students should then very quietly consult with the supervisor.

·         Toilet breaks in examination time is to be avoided. If unavoidable, raise your hand and wait for permission from the supervisor. Be respectful and quiet when moving to the toilet. Students must complete the toilet register at the front of the Examination area.

·         Reading Time is strictly adhered to: Students are not to write at all during the reading time.

·         Attendance is compulsory for all scheduled examinations.

·         If students are caught cheating in a school examination you may be awarded a mark of zero for that subject. 

·         Students must not be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.  If there is any doubt about your condition, the Police and your parents will be called to the school immediately.

·         Students who miss an examination due to illness or unforeseen circumstances should telephone the school and leave a message through the Front Office
(Ph: 9605 1509) for the Year Adviser and/or relevant Head Teacher.
The normal Assessment Illness/Misadventure Appeals process will be applied.

·         If an examination is missed, you must collect an Illness/Misadventure Form from the Year Adviser as soon as possible and follow the appeal process outlined in the Assessment Handbook with the appropriate evidence attached.

·         There will be NO rescheduling of examinations. The Illness/Misadventure Policy will be followed.

·         If you have any questions or concerns, please see your Year Adviser, Deputy Principal or Teacher for clarification and support.

Remember – Examination performance improves significantly by simply staying for the duration and continuing to check and improve your responses. Make positive choices!