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“The future belongs to young people with an education and an imagination to create”

Barack Obama 


The CAPA Faculty at Ingleburn High School is a diverse and multifaceted educational hub for Creative Arts Students. As a faculty we believe being creative is a future focus skill and the arts has the capacity to inspire and enrich lives beyond the classroom.  As a faculty we aim to develop students who are:

  • Creative and Curious

  • Productive and Responsible


  • The study of music’s forms, styles and ideas encourages Students to develop an interest in, appreciation of and enjoyment of music and its history.
  • The study of Visual Arts enables Students to develop an interest in and enjoyment of investigating the world through the ideas, aesthetic and contexts of artists and their work in a broad range of forms, media and styles

 Course Offered

Visual Arts

Ingleburn High Schools offers a vibrant program for our mandatory Year 7 and 8  classes which include studies in Landscapes, Superhero Designs, Fauvism, Cubism and Printmaking.

Ceramics, Photography, Graphic Design and a multitude of expressive forms are offered alongside studies in art history in Elective Visual Arts.

Stage 4: Visual Arts

Stage 5: Visual Arts, Visual Design & Photography

Stage 6: Visual Arts


Ingleburn High School offers an extensive compulsory Music program for students in Year 7 and 8, including topics such as Introduction to the Music Theory and the Keyboard, Instruments of the Orchestra, Ukulele, Guitar and Technology and Music.

Elective Music explores Cultural Music, specifically First Nations & Pasifika Music alongside Music for ensembles, Popular Music and Music Theatre.

Stage 4: Music

Stage 5: Elective Music

Stage 6: Music 1


Students at Ingleburn High School can be immersed in the Creative Arts by engaging with CAPAtunities: free, extra-curricular after school activities. Weekly we offer:

  • Dance Group
  • Vocal Coaching Group
  • Art Club
  • Drama Club (coming 2023)

Moreover, Creative Arts Students engage in our end of year showcase. ‘M.A.D.D. night’ is an event where we share the Music Art Dance and Drama progress and talents of our students with our stakeholders and community.


  • Two fully Equipped Art Rooms plus a Senior Arts Studio Space and Library
  • A multipurpose Music performance space, two music technology classrooms and a soundproof music studio with inbuilt digital audio workstations


Ms A. Perrignon - Music (CAPA 2IC, Pasifika Education Coordinator 2IC)

Mr C. Hope - Music

Ms J. Wawryzniak - Visual Arts

Mr B. Pearce - Visual Arts