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The LOTE faculty at Ingleburn High School teaches Japanese as a mandatory and elective subject from Year 8 through to Year 12. LOTE (Japanese) is a mandatory subject for Year 8 students as part of the NSW curriculum. Should students develop an interest in the language and extensive culture of Japan, they can elect to further their study from Year 9 through to Year 12.


  • Develop an understanding and appreciation for a different language and culture
  • Learn how to speak, read and write in Japanese
  • To understand the role of Japanese and foreign languages in general in the Australian community

 Courses Offered

Stage 4: (Year 8)

    •    Japanese

Stage 5: (Year 9 & 10)

    •    Year 9/10 Japanese (elective 200 hour course through Year 9/10)

Stage 6: (Year 11 & 12)

    •    Year 11/12 Japanese Beginners

    •    Year 11/12 Japanese Continuers

 Features & Activities

Students may have the opportunity to:

  • Wear a traditional Japanese garment called kimono
  • Complete a workshop in calligraphy
  • Participate in conversations and activities with other native Japanese speakers
  • Attend excursions to a number of cultural locations around Sydney


    Ms Alysha Davidson (HT LOTE)

    Ms N. Wu

    Mr J. Chin