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The PDHPE subject is a combination of theoretical and practical components. In the theoretical classes, students explore issues relating to a healthy lifestyle choices, wellbeing, relationships, and safety. The practical component involves students developing fundamental movement skills, team building challenges and enjoyable movement experiences. 


  • All students to enjoy a wide variety of sports-based activities and increase the amount of physical activity for students on the physical activity continuum.  
  • Improve health literacy for all students so everyone is aware of the basic requirements and needs to support yourself and others, be aware of health services and support measures when faced with challenging situations. 

 Course Offered

Stage 4: (Year 7 & 8)

    •   PDHPE

    •   Sport

Stage 5: (Year 9 & 10)

    •   PDHPE

    •   Sport

      Physical Activity & Sports Studies (PASS)

    •   Child Studies Child Studie

    •   Fitness

Stage 6: (Year 11 & 12)

    •   PDHPE

    •   Community and Family Studies (CAFS)

    •   Sport, Lifestyle & Recreation (SLR)

      Exploring Early Childhood (EEC)


There are a number of sports programs run at the school including extra-curricular sports; Rugby League, Soccer, Netball, Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball and more. We encourage all students to participate in trials and be a part of a team setting to improve their leadership skills in a sporting environment.

There are a number of sports days at Ingleburn High School including:

  • Swimming Carnival
  • Athletics Carnival
  • Cross Country

There are opportunities for students to progress through the stages of sport including zone, regional, Combined High School, State and National levels if successful. Students interested in participating in a school sport should listen for announcements or discuss with the Sports Organiser/team coach.

PDHPE offer students a range of opportunities through curriculum including a First Aid certificate, connecting with local schools to partake in coaching and organisation of whole school sports carnivals, swim school, play groups with childcare centres and additional educational programs.


    Mr Jonathan Jankowski - Head Teacher

    Mr J. Sarjana

    Mr S. David

    Ms R. Isaacson

    Ms C. Krelevska

    Mr S. Onana Awono

    Mr A. Thomasson