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“Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.” – Katherine Whitehorn

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

“Starting a new job can be nerve-racking , but it’s also exciting. You’re embarking on a new future, positioning yourself to write a fresh story on a clean slate.” – Adena Friedman


Careers at Ingleburn High School is dedicated to supporting our students in developing clear career goals and pathways during their high school journey. Our Careers Advisors offer guidance to all students through Careers lessons and through courses designed to upskill our students so that they are ready for the workforce.

The Careers Advisors are available for all students to access at recess and lunchtimes in the Careers office. Careers information and opportunities are also provided to students on their wellbeing classrooms.


  • To assist students to develop their knowledge of themselves, their strengths and interests.
  • To guide students in their future pathways

Courses Offered

Stage 5: (Year 9 & 10)

    •    Year 10 SET (Study, Employment, TAFE)

 Activities & Features

  • Work experience – Ingleburn High School has an ongoing work experience program which means students can go out on work experience at any time, providing it doesn’t clash with assessment periods.
  • Career hub – Students can come in at recess and lunch time to the careers office and get help with resume writing, interview skills or career pathways using laptops available.
  • Courses – Throughout the year we offer courses such as white card, first aid, employability skills, PCYC stepping up, ABCN courses and more.
  • Job Jump – students and parents can sign up to Job Jump through the school and gain access to information and resources including career quizzes, resume builders, ATAR information, courses for careers and more.
  • My Gateway – My gateway representatives come into the school to assist students who are interested in transitioning out of school and into work. They can help students to gain suitable apprenticeships and employment. 


   Ms Jane Duval

   Ms Kristy Pinilla